Day 7: Feeling sick and sick at heart

I had a cold when I left and it has been getting better and then getting worse again since I arrived in Rome. Listening to the sound of church bells and thinking about how I really don’t want to get up, but Pearl needs to go out, so staying in bed is not an option. She seems a little out of sorts too, so maybe we could have a quiet day. Mostly I’ve been waisting time until it is late enough at home to call. I had an email from home asking if I wanted to reconsider coming home, but now I was another 1000 km away making it even more difficult. I felt very torn and just wanted to crawl under the covers and cry, but then I’d have a doggy accident to clean up, so I made myself get dressed and ate a piece of toast and jam while my espresso brewed. I am definitely getting one of those little pots when I get home. It is almost as fast as a Nespresso and so much less waste!

One thing that is hard to find in Palermo is bread. They have buns to choose from in Panini shops and lots of dry breads and crackers in stores, but even in the market I didn’t see any bread. Maybe I just had to get there earlier so that is the direction we headed. Since like Rome there is almost no grass or dirt, dogs do their business on any sidewalk, road or square. Pearl complied before we arrived at that market, not that she would have been the only dog doing it there and at least I clean it up. I don’t think that all the doggy doo-doo that you need to watch out for is from the strays! No bread, but I found a nice warm pair of slippers for €4. The one not so great thing about the apartment was that it was cold. The 2 small air conditioning/heating units were not enough to heat a big apartment in a building made of 2 foot deep stone blocks. I was also keeping my eyes open for a wool sweater.

Pearl’s poo was little runny so I bought some chicken legs and rice to boil since they are easy for dog’s to digest. I also got a boneless chicken breast for me. The butchering was a thing of beauty to watch and in no time, instead of a fat, misshapen breast, I had 2 perfectly flat and even fillets. I wish I had filmed it, but I had no idea the butcher was going to perform this magic! I asked the butcher where to find bread and le voila he had 2 little loaves! Now I could make sandwiches for lunch!

Next stop the guy with sauces and pestos. A little pesto basilica spread on the breast before I rolled it up might be nice. With a little pasta of course! The next stop. So many pastas to choose from including these!

The lemon seemed to be a good choice. Now I just had to find my way home. Not a problem! Pearl remembered every turn along the way and brought us directly back to the apartment without getting lost one. although we did stop for a little play time with a puppy she had met the day before.

Grief has a way of distorting time and the 6 hour difference didn’t help. It was only 5 am at home and it felt like I had been waiting to call for days.

Might as well start boiling the chicken. One problem I have with most Airbnbs is the old scratched non stick pans. I started some water and the chicken legs boiling in one and soon tossed out the water and started again in an enamel coated pot I found. As soon as the water in the first pot had started getting hot, a layer of scum (not from the chicken) coated the sides of the pan and the top of the water – gross! Chicken and water boiling away, minus the scum it was time to check email again. Still nothing, but some of my Facebook friends are early risers and some are from time zones closer to me, so I put up a post about my mom. Within 10 minutes I had responses so I didn’t feel totally alone in the world.

At some point in the day I did manage to get in touch with Joan and we chatted for a bit about arrangements. There are so many details Apart from the actual funeral arrangements. Four instance where is everybody going to sleep? My niece Carla was coming home from England and Teresa and her family we’re already staying in my moms apartment except for my nephew Patrick who is going to bunk on a couch somewhere when he arrives.We decided that my cousin Peggy would stay at my apartment and I was trying to remember what state I left it in. I knew for sure that I hadn’t change the sheets on the bed. I remember thinking about it and deciding I’d rather do it when I got home because my apartment gets so dusty. Oh well

Time to add the rice to the chicken and water. The chicken was starting to fall off the bones. And it’s time to make my dinner. I spread some pesto on the chicken fillets stuck on some water for pasta and poured some oil into an enamel lined frying pan. Hum the flame on the burners was either high or very high. I text my landlord to see if there was some sort of trick but he said no you just use a smaller burner if you need less heat. So I use the smaller burner smallest burner but I still had to keep taking the frying pan off the heat for a while letting it just cook in the hot oil then putting it back on taking it off etc. Surprisingly it turned out very well, kind of caramelized. So dinner for both of us a walk and then bed. Have you ever noticed how exhausting grief is. I remembered the tiredness from Pat’s death. Plus I was still sick so best to get a good nights sleep

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