Day 12: Last full day in Palermo. Time to see the sights

After my now standard breakfast of espresso and toast with jam Pearl and I were off for a day of sightseeing. I wanted another look at City Hall, having discovered that that was the building behind the fountain full of naked statues. I also wanted to check out the palace, the castle, the cathedral and at least one of the gates. Palermo was a gated city and all four of the gates are still standing.

This gate is attached to one of the oldest royal residences in Europe. Both were initially built in the ninth century by the Arabs who lived in Sicily at that point in time. The Normans gave them a facelift in the 15th century. Palermo reminds me a lot of Bordeaux. Everywhere you turn there is another magnificent historical building or fountain!

The gate sits between the Cathedral and royal palace.

Pearl is more interested in the dog walking nearby.
The cathedral is off to the left.

I wish that I had read about the cathedral before I left Palermo. Apparently it is spectacular. I wasn’t in the best frame of mind for sightseeing while I was in Palermo, but I may spend another couple of days there before I leave Sicily.

Because there can never be too many royal residences, Palermo also has a royal castle a stones throw away from the palace! What I liked best about the castle was the garden is in front of it. Definitely the place to go in Palermo if you have a craving for dates. There a date palms everywhere and dates underfoot everywhere.

There are also giant cacti in every city garden.
Bad photo of the castle

I should have marked these better because the quatro canti all looked the same unless you are very close.

The draping on the church door across from my little alley changed twice while I was there.

Last dinner in Palermo was at a small restaurant down an alley.

Tomorrow Pearl and O are off to Siracusa, our home for the next two months.

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