Rome 4: Coliseum – Awesome! Vodafone – Grrrrr,

STILL trying to get a working SIM card. The Vodafone one is still not working of course, even though it is now domani! Back to the store. I got the same guy as the night before who tried to tell me later. I was having none of that, so he phones customer service and IContinue reading “Rome 4: Coliseum – Awesome! Vodafone – Grrrrr,”

Rome: Day 2 Chilly start and a sad ending

Rome was fa freddo this morning. Pearl and I rose before the sun which isn’t saying much since the sun doesn’t rise until close to 8 AM. Although maybe that was partly due to the fog this morning. No matter, it is a crisp day and it wasn’t snowing, there was no ice rain andContinue reading “Rome: Day 2 Chilly start and a sad ending”