Rome 3: Where the streets are paved with gelato

If you ever want a multitude of opportunities to train your dog to leave it, come to Rome. At least in the Vatican area the streets and especially St. Peter’s Square are covered in various colours and flavours of gelato. Pearl is pretty good at leave it and drop it but the last few daysContinue reading “Rome 3: Where the streets are paved with gelato”

Day 7: Feeling sick and sick at heart

I had a cold when I left and it has been getting better and then getting worse again since I arrived in Rome. Listening to the sound of church bells and thinking about how I really don’t want to get up, but Pearl needs to go out, so staying in bed is not an option.Continue reading “Day 7: Feeling sick and sick at heart”

Rome: Day 2 Chilly start and a sad ending

Rome was fa freddo this morning. Pearl and I rose before the sun which isn’t saying much since the sun doesn’t rise until close to 8 AM. Although maybe that was partly due to the fog this morning. No matter, it is a crisp day and it wasn’t snowing, there was no ice rain andContinue reading “Rome: Day 2 Chilly start and a sad ending”